Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences

Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences

Application of skeletal container trailer

In various ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels and other logistics systems, there is a commonly used semi-trailer – skeletal container trailer, which has a large volume, large transport capacity and high transport efficiency. It is usually semi-trailer, full-trailer or double-trailer, with semi-trailer being the most common. Semi-trailer can also be divided into flatbed trailer and skeletal trailer, which belongs to a special kind of semi-trailer.

Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences

Advantages of skeletal container trailer

Unlike other semi-trailers, skeletal semi trailer is mainly used for transporting containers. The loaded container is loaded onto the trailer directly from the warehouse where the goods are shipped and transported to the warehouse where the harvest is unloaded.

 In the middle, if you need to change the vehicle and vessel, you only need to move the container, you do not need to unload or load the goods piecemeal, so you can achieve rapid loading and unloading, from one means of transport directly to another means of transport, can greatly improve the efficiency, but also facilitate the loading and unloading of goods empty. And can meet the individual needs of customers, stable quality and reliable performance.

Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences

The difference between container chassis trailer and box trailer

Among the semi-trailers, there is another model – box trailer, so are skeletal container trailer and box trailer the same model?

No, they are not. Although these two types of semi-trailers are equipped with cargo compartments, both can be used to transport goods, and the names are not different, but there are still some differences.

Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences

1. The structure design is different.

The cargo compartment of container chassis trailer belongs to the category of cargo, and the cargo is integrated. The body is only the frame, when unloading the cargo can be unloaded together with the container. The goods are only loaded inside the box, and the goods need to be taken out from the box piecemeal when unloading.

2. The length limit is different.

According to the relevant provisions, the length of the skeleton trailer limit of 13.95 meters. This is mainly in consideration of the length of the container. For example, the length of the semi-trailer that can transport 45 feet container is 13.95 meters. box trailer length limit is 13.75 meters.

3. Use is different.

The container chassis is specially used for transporting containers, dangerous goods tanks and other special goods. box trailer is mainly used for transporting household appliances, light textile goods and other goods.

4. The loading capacity is different.

Generally speaking, the cargo loading capacity of skeletal container trailer is a bit larger than that of box trailer.

5. Safety performance is different.

The safety performance of semi-trailer is closely related to many factors. But if only from the construction of the trailer, because the skeletal container trailer loaded container and the body is not one, is connected by a special container lock. If in the case of full load when encountering emergency braking, it is easy to cause damage to the cargo compartment, and even the cargo compartment into the cab, threatening the safety of personnel.

Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences

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