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Shacman Truck Series

1.Introduction of China Shacman Truck

With excellent product quality, perfect international marketing service network, expand brand investment and publicity, Shacman brand enjoys a high reputation in the international market.At present, Shacman heavy trucks have been sold to more than 90 countries and regions overseas, leading the industry in export volume and export volume.Marketing service network covers Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and other CIS countries.We have set up 4 overseas branches, 36 overseas offices, 24 overseas 4S stores, 330 overseas service stations.Parts warehouses are located in major sales areas.Thus becoming a multinational automotive product manufacturing and service provider.

2.Details of Shacman Truck Series

The X3000 series is the continuation of 46 years of technological innovation.With outstanding power and fuel economy, a spacious and comfortable interior and safety.

Shacman Horse Tractor

The F3000 series has been an example and an icon of SHACMAN. Using technology derived from MAN, the F3000 brings both comfort and power under the same roof.

Shacman Tipper Truck

With a proven design, Shacman H3000 series is one of the most balanced product. Lightweight, efficient and innovative, the H3000 bring about a new standard in truck quality.

Shacman Truck Head

The F2000 series heavy duty trucks, with over 30 years of reputation, perfect for even the most difficult tasks, bring unprecedented values to its users.

Shacman Horse Truck

With a proven design, the M3000 series is one of the most balanced product. Lightweight, effiencent and innovative, the M3000 bring about a new standard in truck quality.

Shacman Tanker Truck

3.Main Parts of China Shacman Truck

  • The engine brands suitable for shaanxi Auto’s export products are Weichai and Cummins, with displacement ranging from 6L to 13L and power ranging from 180-560 horsepower. The maximum output torque of Weichai engine can reach 2550n. m, and that of Cummins engine can reach 2500n. m. Meanwhile, it can match the high-end market demand for Euro 6 emission engines.
Shacman Truck With Cummins Engine Weichai Engine
  • Reducer type is divided into single stage bridge and double stage bridge two kinds.Single-stage bridge has a main reducer, a reduction gear, large diameter, weak impact resistance, bridge package size, small clearance from the ground, compared with two-stage bridge, its performance is poor, so it is mainly used for road transportation.Two-stage bridge has a main reducer and wheel reducer two deceleration, reduction gear diameter is small, strong impact resistance, the main reducer speed ratio is small, the bridge package is relatively small, increase the clearance from the ground, through good, mainly used for urban construction, mining, field operations.
Shacman Truck Axles

4.General Assembly Workshop of Shacman Truck

The final assembly workshop adopts space truss steel structure with a building area of 55,700 square meters.In line with the technical design principle of “the product is not only the domestic first-class, but also the world first-class”, the company fully absorbs the advanced technology of excellent enterprises at home and abroad, and has built two compulsory assembly production lines with a total length of 486 meters.

In particular, the automatic production line of wide sliding plate of cab interior assembly produced by AFT of Germany is the first in the domestic heavy truck industry.The fishbone prefabrication network under the traction of two main lines forms a clear and smooth assembly process, which fully embodies the characteristics of flexible, modular and automatic production.

Shacman Truck Factory

5.Shipping of China Shacman Truck

1.Ro- Ro transportation

2.Bulk cargo ship transportation

3.Flat rack transportation

Shacman Truck Shipment

6.Customer Feedback of China Shacman Truck

Any successful Shacman Trucks will based on first demand of full understanding, in view of the demand planning customized product solutions, demand summary description is the transport characteristics of vehicles, transport characteristics mainly include the loading weight of the Shacman Truck, road conditions, speed, distance, commonly used slope, climate, temperature, etc., through the transportation characteristics of research study, it can analyze the suitable product solutions.

Shacman Truck Clients Feedback

7.Tips of Maintaining Your Shacman Truck Gearbox

Transmission oil performance is the core of transmission.Like the oil in a truck engine, it needs to be replaced regularly.But why?Due to gear interlocking, the engine output power is transferred after changing the speed ratio.There’s a lot of torque to transfer between gears.Gear oil is used to lubricate and cool gears.Our trucks, especially those used for long-distance transportation, have always been multi-gear, with complex structure, high speed and high contact pressure on the occlusal contact surface between gears.Pay more attention to the daily inspection and replacement of gearbox oil.

Shacman Truck

Secondly, the gearbox should be overhauled regularly and timely

Return after traveling a certain distance or a long distance and check the gearbox for oil leakage. Once the gearbox is found to have oil leakage and seepage, it should be stopped immediately to find out the reason for repair.Gearbox oil is sprayed on the surface of gears by turning them.The gear oil deforms the protective film on the gear to ensure that each gear is smooth.If the transmission oil is lower than normal, the transmission oil will not spray on the gear tooth surface.Without a protective film, the gear will work at high speed and generate a lot of heat, which can damage or destroy the gear and prevent it from spinning.

In addition, the lubricating oil in the gearbox should be replaced regularly

Although the gearbox uses engine oil, it also has problems such as oxidation and deterioration. Since the gearbox inside temperature is higher than normal, the lubricating oil will be oxidized. When temperature get high, the oil viscosity will decrease and become thinner, resulting in low adsorption capacity. That is why for some old heavy-duty trucks, regular maintenance is critical important.

Shacman Truck Gearbox

Friendly reminder: Pay attention to the maintenance of the gearbox in daily use to extend its service life. If the truck gearbox fails, please go to the service station for repair in time. It is recommended to use special gearbox repair tools to ensure the normal operation of the gearbox. 

8.How to Choose The Right Shacman Heavy-Duty Truck

Once the purchase plan is on the list, as a business man ,you have to do a lot of homework before throw an order to the supplier. But how to select the right trucks? Here come several factors must be taken into account during the purchasing process.

A. The truck running condition and operating allocation

Before purchasing, we need to confirm the heavy truck type and specification. Will it be used to carry cargoes, bulk cargoes, liquid, construction material, or chemicals? Will it be necessary to reinforce the dump truck body or add additional accessory to keep out rain and wind? Etc. Maintenance charge and operating fee could be calculated later when we know the detail specs like the engine, gearbox, axle, capacity, loading and related local transportation laws.

B. The fuel-consumption

It’s one of the most important thing we need to considerate. Due to the floating of fuel price, the fuel cost is not a solid data. However, the fuel cost takes over 30% of total expense most of the time. This is why it’s so urgent to lower the engine’s fuel consumption. When selecting a new truck, it returns to double efficiency if we could notice whether the engine is working properly.

C. The key parameter of the truck

Such as model, width, length, body material, manufacturer, engine model/feature/manufacturer,etc.

D. Reliable

When purchase the target trucks, buyers should learn about the related local law and consider the safety before all the others. It includes the specification that cares about labour safety and health, such as the view angle of the windshield, the mirrors at side, the drive wheel, instruction light, the driver seat, the ABS,and other safety items which the law requires as must. labour safety and the Labor safty and the truck safty are equally important.

E. Comfort

Before you make your last decision, do not forget to check the cab inside carefully including the color, the model, the seats and material. These all link to the drivers’ comfortable sensation when they are driving. A clean, tidy, comfortable inside keeps the driver in good mood and more concentrated on his drive.

F. After-service

If you wanna your trucks be in good condition,the trucks should be accepted scheduled maintenance.So,the after-service is crucial. The genuine trucks’ spare parts,caring-service,technical assistance,all these factors are key to your business.

All in all, selecting the right trucks is a comprehensive work, choose the professional team to get the help, and you will avoid detours.

9.Shacman Truck Overseas Vehicle Service Policy

  • X / M /H / F series Shacman Cargo Truck- 24 months Unlimited mileage
  • X / M /H / F series Shacman Horse Truck- 24 months Unlimited mileage
  • X / M /H / F series Shacman Tipper Truck- 12 months Unlimited mileage
  • X / M /H / F series Shacman Mixer Tanker Truck / Water Tanker Truck / Fuel Tanker Truck – 18 months Unlimited mileage

10.Shacman Truck Videos