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Side Tipper Trailer

1.What Is The China Side Tipper Trailers?

China side tipper trailer is a great way to transport large amounts of construction materials on the road, remove side tipper trailers are a great way to transport large amounts of construction materials on the road. remove waste and other payload and dump them to other places quickly and easily.

China side tipper trailer
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2.Description of China Side Tipping Trailer

The side tipper trailer can do left tipping and right tipping. To increase the bearing ability of the side tipping semi trailer engineers design and workers welding small details special for our side tipping semi trailers to satisfy side tipper trailers buyer transport demand. The main beam build with thicken steel sheet and one sheet not welded two thin sheets. Side tipper trailers main bean by this way can service 100 tons payload for many years and without bend.

The side tipper trailer is generally larger than the rear dump semi trailer. The general shape is like a slab and a van. The cargo volume is flexible and can be designed to have a large load range and is suitable for various transportation.

The side tipper trailer hydraulic cylinder can be selected: 110/130/150 model.

(1)The length is about 13 meters, the load is less than 60T, and the 110 model 5+1 hydraulic cylinder is used;

(2)The length is 15 meters, the load is less than 80T, and the 130 model 6+1 hydraulic cylinder is used;

(3)When the load reaches 100 tons or more, use the 150 model and select the X+1 hydraulic cylinder according to the length. Both sides can be dumped.

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3.Main Parts of China Side Dump Semi Trailer.

*China Side Dump Semi Trailer scientific design, ensures safety: The analysis of weight force of overall frame and axles loading, hydraulic system, and scientific structure etc, it can be processed by adopting software like AUTO CAD, PRO/E, Finite Element analysis, which definitely ensures the safety operation of vehicles;

*China Side Dump Semi Trailer hydraulic cylinder: Famous brand hydraulic cylinder, the 1st brand of hydraulic cylinder, and spare parts are easier available.

*China Side Dump Semi Trailer axle: High quality axle made by professional manufacture, have strong bearing capacity, not easy to be out of shape; meanwhile, well-known ABS can be optional, to reduce the braking distance, effectively prevent the wheel lockup, side slipping and drifting when the trailer is braking in emergency case, more safe for driving.

*China Side Dump Semi Trailer suspension: With unique new-designed suspension system and USA imported Holland technology, axle load is balanced, the pull-road angle is designed reasonably to reduce the instant frictional slip distance between the tire and the ground. During the frequent running, effectively reduce the tire wearing, meanwhile, the adjustable rod can adjust the wheelbase to avoid the eccentric wear and tear.Side Dump Semi Trailer carry sand ,Stone ,Gravel and so on , The bottom and side wall thickness can be Customized for you , and If you transport heavy duty Goods we can increase the thickness for you .

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4.Specification of China Side Dump Trailer

Product Name: Side Dump/Tipper Trailer

Dimension: 12.5m*2.5m*3.3m (outside) or customized 50cbm or customized

Payload: MAX.60T or customized

Lifting System: “5+1”or “6+1” oil cylinders

Frame: Welding design “H” beam, Q345B carbon steel material

Frame Beam: (Heavy duty )Upper and lower plate is 14mm and 16mm, double middle is 8 mm, height is 500 mm

Steel Thickness: Bottom plate:4mm, side plate:3mm, or customized

Axle: 3pcs 13tons FD/FUWA/BPW brand axles, 16tons brake pads

Landing Gear: JOST brand 28T lifting capacity

King Pin: 2.0 or 3.5 inch bolt-in

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring: 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer

Brake System: Dual line pneumatic brake system, T30/30+T30 air chamber, 40L air tanks, Emergency relay valve

Tire: 12R22.5*12pcs or 315/80R22.5*12pcs, TRIANGLE/LINGLONG brand

Accessories: One standard tool box and spare tire rack

Electrical System: 24 volt electrical system.7 pin electrical connector.

Parking .stop,reverse,number plate and indicator lights.

rear lights conform to European standard, rear front and side reflectors

Painting: Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anti-corrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint

5.Customer Visiting of China Trucks and China Trailers

We sincerely invite customers to come to our factory and check truck trailer, we will also be with customers to taste the local food, visit the local attractions, our aim is to give customers a best truck trailer programs and a comfortable travel.

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6.How To Deliver China Fudeng Truck Trailers?

We can arrange the most cost-effective transportation solution according to the number of truck trailers required by customers.

  • For 90% of our shipment, we will go by sea, to all main continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania etc, either by container or RoRo/Bulk Shipment.
  • For neighborhood countries of China, such as Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan,Mongolia etc, we can ship trucks by road or railway.
  • For light spare parts in urgent demand, we can ship it by international courier service, such as DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx.

7.Is The China Side Tipper Trailer Worth Buying?


Today, almost all dump trucks are hydraulically operated and have a variety of configurations, each of which is designed to accomplish a specific task in the bulk material supply chain. They are not only used in the mining and construction industries, but also used to transport bulk cargo such as grains and fertilizers, sand, gravel, pellets and even pet food. They are usually powered by electric or pneumatic motors or hydraulic lines of PTO (power take-off) mounted on trucks.

In terms of design, the industry has proposed a series of creative solutions to transport and discharge aggregates in the most efficient way. In the field of mining and construction, rollover semi-trailers have become the dominant industry. It can be equipped with hydraulic cylinders to tilt the dump truck to one side and spill materials to the left or right side of the trailer. Most manufacturers use dual-slave hydraulic cylinder plungers to tilt the bucket bed to process materials. Experienced operators can place materials on site and on-site, without the need for additional machines to spread material inventory.


Contrary to the traditional tip dumping design, the side tipper trailer will hardly tip over when it is dumped. However, if dumping is stopped prematurely, it is likely to overturn. When dumping loose materials or cobblestone-sized stones, if the dumped load soils the path of the wheels, the roll model may get stuck. According to different applications, this problem is solved by experimenting with different dumping angles. Some manufacturers achieve a 50° dump angle-ensuring that less material will get stuck in the bucket, thereby preventing tipping or breaking during unloading.

Regardless of the tipping angle, the body must be strong, but flexible enough to bend and twist without breaking. Although chassis design, tire size, and load often limit the size of the bathtub, the choice of building materials is constantly changing to meet this challenge.

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8.How to Operate Side Tipper Trailer?

After the side tipper trailer is stopped, if you turn to the left side, first remove the right side cotter pin, remove the right side tilting pin, and open the left side door manual handle (the left short lock bar); Open state, if turned to the left, the opposite operation.

The piston rod movement is controlled by the control system. Side tipper Trailer is more common, and the piston rod is pushed to make the carriage tilting. A few bidirectional tipping The high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and oil pipe, and there is a bridge safety plate at the front of the compartment. The hydraulic tilting mechanism consists of oil tank, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, control valve and oil pipe, etc. The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and force taking device. The high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and oil pipe, and pushes the piston rod to make the compartment tipping over.


Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we have been in special truck trailer manufacturing and marketing for over 20 years.

Q2. What markets do your vehicle export to?
South America, South-East Asia,Africa, Middle East countries etc.

Q3.How can I get the price of your truck trailer?
You can send inquiry here, then our sales manager will respond you within 24 hours.

Q4. Is it available to print our own brand on the vehicle?
Yes, of course, you can send your company logo you want to paint.

Q5.What’s your payment terms?
It’s 100% payment by TT, you pay 30% deposit before production, and then pay 70% balance before shipping.

Q6.How long can I get truck trailer?
Our production will take 15-25 workdays, and then shipping will take 30-40days.