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Rear Tipper Trailer

1.What Is The China Rear Tipper Trailers?

China’s rear dump trailer is widely used in the construction industry, mainly transport stone, sand and other building materials.Rear-dump trailers are designed to make unloading easier, after the rear of the trailer is locked, sand can be loaded, and when arriving at the destination, the front of the semi-trailer can be lifted to drop the cargo from the rear.

2.Description of China Tipper Trailer

China tipper trailer can design 30-100tons heavy duty, depend on your transport capacity, we will provide you suitable trailer chassis, bucket, and other main parts. The trailer bucket has two types, U-shape and Square Shape, let’s check it by pictures.

China Rear Tipper Trailer (7)
China Rear Tipper Trailer (8)

In general, we manufacture 3 axles tipper trailer according to customer demand, but we also can produce 4/5/6 axles if you need. Our factory know some countries has weight limited, each axle can load 10tons or other fixed capacity, so the customers need many axles tipper trailer to meet their requirements, and then suit for road condition.

China Rear Tipper Trailer
China Rear Tipper Trailer (9)
China Rear Tipper Trailer (6)

3.Specification of China End Tipper Trailer

May you want to check our end tipper trailer specifications, here are all details of 40tons tipper trailer for your reference, if you have other specification requirement, please let me know, then we can update!

Bucket Shape: U shape / Square Shape

Dimension: 8.87m*2.5m*3.5m (outside) or customized

Box Dimension: 7.8m*2.3m*1.4m   25cbm or customized

Payload: MAX.40T or customized

Lifting System: 196 hydraulic oil cylinder HYVA brand

Frame: Welding design “H” beam, Q345B carbon steel material

Frame Beam: (Heavy duty )Upper and lower plate is 14mm and 16mm, double middle is 8 mm, height is 500 mm

Steel Thickness: Bottom plate:4mm, side plate:3mm, or customized

Axle: 3pcs 13tons FD/FUWA/BPW brand axles, 16tons brake pads

Landing Gear: JOST brand 28T lifting capacity

King Pin: 2.0 or 3.5 inch bolt-in

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring : 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer

Brake System: Dual line pneumatic brake system, T30/30+T30 air chamber, 40L air tanks, Emergency relay valve

Tire: 12R22.5*12pcs or 315/80R22.5*12pcs, TRIANGLE/LINGLONG brand

Accessories: One standard tool box and spare tire rack

Electrical System: 24 volt electrical system.7 pin electrical connector.

Parking .stop,reverse,number plate and indicator lights.

rear lights conform to European standard, rear front and side reflectors

Painting: Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anti-corrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint

4.Drawing of China Rear Tipper Semi Trailer

Before starting your rear tipper semi trailer production, our engineer will design drawing, you can confirm drawing with your team, and then inform me if everything is ok or we need to modify any details.

China Rear Tipper Trailer
China Rear Tipper Trailer (2)

5.Customer Visiting of China Rear Dump Trailer

Welcome you visit our factory, then you can find best trailers that you need. Our Factory believes that careful and thoughtful service and constant innovation of product technology and equally important, always with “100% customer satisfaction” as our business principle, with “quality yes lifeline” as our core business, to every user greater level of convenience and satisfaction, the service system to ensure that we are able to provide satisfactory service for every user, comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sale system to solve all your problems, the company with its strong technical force, advanced processing technology, superior product quality, satisfactory after-sales service, for the society offers a wide range of high quality products, by the vast number of customer recognition.

China Rear Tipper Trailer (2)

6.How To Deliver China Tipper Trailers?

China tipper trailers can deliver to your near port by ship, we always shipping trailer by Bulk Cargo or Flat Rack. After tipper trailers finish production ready shipping, we will check the ship, help our customer get a most fast and safe shipping company. And we also can cover a tarpaulin for tipper trailers to avoid rusting when shipping.

China Rear Tipper Trailer (4)
China Rear Tipper Trailer (5)

7.Customer Feedback of China Dump Trailer

China dump trailer are well received by many customers, exported Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. If you are interested in china dump trailer, welcome to send inquiry here, our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

Let’s show you some pictures that customer use our dump trailers, working very well at mining site.

China Rear Tipper Trailer (3)
China Rear Tipper Trailer (1)

8.Is The China Dump Semi Trailer Worth Buying?

In recent years, the country has made great efforts to develop infrastructure, and various regions, such as high-speed, railway, airport and other transportation facilities, the demand for building materials is increasing, at the same time, the direct drive is the demand for relevant transport vehicles, in addition to the national super effect is significant, and undoubtedly promote the standard sand and gravel dump everywhere.

If you manage a fleet of vehicles and commercial trailers, you may use dump trailers for a number of applications. Their ability to haul loads of aggregate are perfect for construction and agricultural industries, with end, belly, bottom, and dump trailers for sale. Check out Fudeng Trailer’s inventory of new dump semi trailers for sale so you can complete jobs safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Fudeng rear tipping trailer has a modern factory workshops and automatic production line of the tipping semi trailers. We have Robot arm welding, automatic sanding and painting, 3D loading test laboratory etc. So that we can provide high standard quality semi trailers to the global market!

  1. Heavy duty and extra durability design, opting for high tensible low carbon alloy Q345B steel, “H” type beam welded by automotive arc-submerge process.
  2. Equipped famous brand part in axles, suspension, landing gear, higher property for your transportation, more reliable and ensure the long life span of dump semi trailers.
  3. Fudeng dump semi trailer have quality guarantee, some easily broken parts will be delivered with trailers, spare parts like tires, axles etc, can be supplied to you in cost price!
China Rear Tipper Trailer (11)
China Rear Tipper Trailer (10)

9.Attention of China Fudeng Tipper Trailer

(1) It is forbidden to disassemble and adjust the relief valve on the lift valve, otherwise, the tipper trailer for sale hydraulic system will lose its safety protection function and cause an accident.

(2) Do not leave the tipper trailer for sale cylinder exposed to the air for more than 2 hours (more than 30 minutes in humid air) in a lifted state, otherwise it will cause oxidation and rust of the cylinder;

(3) The China tipper trailer hydraulic tank of the auction is a special lifting cylinder. Don’t use the cylinder as a stable support for the semi tipper for sale body.

(4) When the fudeng tipper trailer load cargo, we should ensure that the front and back and left and right loading are uniform. If you have too much cargo in front, semi tipper trailers for sale can overload the hydraulic system. Too much cargo is loaded behind the trailer, which will cause the tipper semi trailer to tip over when unloading, and the left and right partial load will easily cause the cylinder to tip over.

(5) When unloading, please make sure that the ground around the light weight dump tipper trailer is solid and flat, keep the trailer stable, and ensure that the main chassis trailer and the scrap tipper trailer are in a straight line;

(6) During the dumper trailer for sale lifting operation, the operator must pay attention to the influence of lateral wind, because the long body of the tipper trailer will cause the dumper trailer to roll over under the effect of lateral wind;

(7) Don’t make the height of the cargo exceed the hydraulic tipper trailer back door. Be sure to open the china tipper trailer rear door locking device before lifting and unloading, otherwise the cargo will be crowded at the rear of the tipper and the tipper trailer will tip over when unloading;

(8)During the lifting operation of China tipper trailer, the operator cannot leave the operating position, and no one can stand or walk in the vicinity of the work area.