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Extendable Trailer

1.Function of China Extendable trailer

The extendable model version is suitable for very long rotor blades and is commonly used in wind power generation industry to transport wind plant blade.

2.Description of China Extendable trailer

china extendable trailer

The retractable trailer model device is a combination of a fixed frame and a fixed frame that is slidily connected with the fixed frame and can move relative to the fixed frame structure to shorten and lengthen the trailer device.

The movable frame at the rear of the trailer has wheels and shafts which are fastened to the wheels and shafts so that the load is securely fastened to the fixed frame.

The two frames can be moved to adjust the load weight on the trailer axle while the axle is firmly attached to the fixed part of the trailer and the axle is also attached to the movable frame.

Embodiments of the device have an end tilting bed with tapered sides and an inclined bottom for easy tilting operation.

The retractable trailer device is a combination of the first frame that supports the first general length of the load to be lifted and towed.This includes a bed system where the load is disposed of.

The first bed system is fixed to the bed system to support the load and the bed system.

The second bed system is separated from each other and usually arranged in parallel with the first beam system and is fixed to the bed system in order to provide support for the bed system and to provide loads using the first beam system.

3.Specification of China Extendable trailer

Function Transport container,and steel on road

Dimension Before Extend: 13m×2.5m×1.6m

After Extend: 18×2.5m×1.6m

Extend Length 5m at front

Payload Max.50T

Twist lock 12 units for 2*20ft or 1*40ft container


Landing Gear JOST brand 28T lifting capacity

King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in

Suspension Mechanical/Air suspension

Leaf Spring  90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer

Tire  12R22.5,315/80R22.5,385/65R22.5,12.00R20, TRIANGLE brand

Accessories One standard tool box and spare tire rack

Electrical system 24 volt electrical system.7 pin electrical connector. Parking ,stop,reverse,number plate and indicator lights,

Painting Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust,

1 coat of anti-corrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint.

4.Drawing of China Extendable trailer

china extendable trailer7

5.Features of China Extendable trailer

Three options of axle: mechanical leaf spring suspension,hydraulic axle suspension, and airbag suspension.

The hydraulic steering system minimizes the turning radius,increases the flexibility of the whole trailer.

Hydraulic modular trailers are options to replace the rear axle module,to increase payload capacity and maneuverability.

All wheels steerable.

When no-load,the telescopic beam can drawback to shorten the total length of the extendable trailer.

Extendable telescopic beam/boom protects wind turbine rotor blade from any damages or distortions during logistic,it just performed like bracket holder of the rotor blade. 

6.Customer Visiting of China Extendable trailer

china extendable trailer3


7.Package/Shipping of China Extendable trailer

We can transport it by bulk cargo ship,or RO-RO ship,2 units or 3 units China extendable trailer we will help clients to pile it up,it can save many shipping cost.

china extendable trailer5
china extendable trailer6

8.Customer Feedback of China Extendable trailer

Recently,the market of extendable trailers has been growing quietly in Vietnam. Many Chinese semi-trailer manufacturers and exporters have turned to Vietnam for export of extendable trailers and wind blade adaptor,contributing to the wind power industry in Vietnam.A buyer from Vietnam came to us through Facebook advertisement and ordered 2 units extendable trailer.Our business manager carefully understood his needs and had a thorough discussion with him. Finally, the deal was finally done.

china extendable trailer1
china extendable trailer2

9.Quality Guarantee of China Extendable trailer

China extendable trailer wear parts guarantee for three month ( except tires), China extendable trailer main beam for 2 years.If you need other spare parts for China extendable trailer,we can supply you at any time.

10.Attention of China Extendable trailer

Trailer tires and wheels

Problems with tires and wheel bearings can leave you stranded on the side of the road and can even become a safety hazard.

Check tire pressure

Since tire failure due to low air pressure is probably the number one cause of trailer failure, it is a good practice to check trailer tire pressure before getting on the highway.Inflate to the maximum rating listed on the capacity label on the tire or trailer, which may be 60psi or more.Under low pressure, heat can build up in the tires, causing them to fall off and fail, a dangerous situation at 70 miles per hour.Tires naturally lose a pound or two of air pressure per month, so it’s especially important to remember to check tires after the trailer has been idle all winter.Don’t forget the spareNot all tugboats have a spare tire.If you don’t have one, buy one and a mount.Good insurance.Remember to keep air pressure on spare parts and make sure you travel with tools and jacks that you can use to change a tire.

Tyre wear

Check trailer tires regularly for wear and age.Most boats don’t wear the tread of trailer tires, but if you notice uneven wear on a tire, it could be a bent shaft, or an alignment of shafts.This should be fixed before the tire goes out.The National Transportation Safety Board says tires that are more than six years old should be replaced.The last four digits of the Department of Transportation code on the side wall of the tire indicate the month and year the tire was manufactured;”3517″ indicates that the tire was manufactured in the 35th week of 2017.The tyres below the trailer should all be ST(Special Trailer) type tyres, which are specially designed for trailers and have stronger ropes and harder sidewalls than LT(light truck) tyres.Check wheel bearing

Wheel bearing

Failed wheel bearings are another common cause of trailer failure.Bearings may rust if they are contaminated with water, which is why most boat trailers are equipped with wheel bearing protection (bearing partner is a popular brand and has become a common term for all bearing protection).Wheel bearing protectors use spring-loaded pistons to keep grease from the hub under light pressure and prevent water from entering the hub and bearing assembly.There will be a grease device in the center of the protector to increase the grease and maintain the pressure.Read the instructions with your trailer to add grease details.Even with bearing protection, it is a good idea to check and repackage wheel bearings with fresh grease every three to five seasons.


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