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Tractor Truck

1.What Is The China Tractor Truck?

Chinese tractors, also known as semi-trailers, are usually a combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers to transport goods.Suitable for all kinds of semi-trailer traction in logistics, construction, mining and other industries.

2.Description of Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck

Sinotruk Hawo tractor, reliable structure, large load capacity, 336-420 horsepower, reliable performance.The model can meet the requirements of different road conditions.This model can meet your needs for long-distance road transportation.

The fifth edition of road transport is equipped with iron reinforced frame, iron shell transmission and can load 16 tons of two-stage deceleration drive axle, can load 16 tons of single-stage deceleration drive axle optional, mainly used for comprehensive road conditions and overload transport conditions.

HowoA7 tractor truck
HOWOA7 Tractor Truck
Howo tractor truck
SINOTRUK HOWO7 Tractor Truck
Hohan tractor truck
HOHAN Tractor Truck

3.What’s The Advantage of Howo Truck Horse?

1) Equipped with various types of load horses to meet your needs

2) The key components adopt the world’s top technology products

3) Strong technical support and first-class technology make the truck of high quality and more reliable

4) It has high safety and operation efficiency

5) The cabin has excellent appearance and is safe and reliable

6) Low fuel consumption
7) A powerful enough engine

8) Competitive price, cost effectiveness

9) Fast and efficient spare parts supply brings you more convenience

10) Fast delivery time, we can accurately and quickly arrange production according to your needs

11) Professional import and export processing procedures make customs clearance more efficient

371hp howo truck head RHD
371hp howo truck head LHD

4.Specification of China Howo Truck Head

HOWO 6x4 Truck Head Specification

-1. Engine: WD615.47, 371HP, EURO II

-2. Gearbox: HW19710, with 10 forward and 2 reverse gear

-3. Cabin: HW76, with one bed, A/C, comfortable seat

-4. Drive Axle: HC16 or AC16 model, 2x16000kg

-5. Loading Capacity: 40-50 tons

-6. Delivery Time: 25-30 working days.

HOWO Truck Head Engine Detail

-1. Diesel: 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine;

-2. Engine Model: WD615.47, Euro II emission standard; cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter cooling, 4 strokes; 

-3. Maximum Output: 371HP (273Kw) at 2200rpm; 

-4. Maximum Torque: 1500Nm at 1300-1600rpm; 

-5. Displacement: 9.726L; 

 -6. Bore/Stroke: 126/130mm;

HOWO Truck Head Gearbox Detail

-1. Model: HW19710 10F/2R Manual Gearbox

-2. Max.Input Torque: 1900NM

-3. Optional: HW19710T/ HW19710CL ect

-4. With power take off (PTO)

HOWO Truck Head Cabin Detail

-1. German VDO electrical control system;

-2. HW76 model cab, with one sleeper, A/C;

-3. Up and down, left and right sides adjustable steering wheel;

-4. European new type heater as a whole;

-5. Four full floating suspension + suspension device;

-6. Double locking structure belts;

-7. MP3 radio

-8. Bumper: steel material

HOWO Truck Head Drive Axle Detail

-1. Brake Drum: Ф420×185

-2. Central single reduction + hub reduction & casting axle housing,differential device: Inter-wheel and inter-axle

-3. Input flange: Ф180

-4. Lubricants (L): GL5 85W-90

-5. Min rim size (inch): 20

-6. Model: HC16 (Tandem axle)

-7. Rated load (kg): 2×16000

sinotruk howo trucks

5.Production of China Truck Unit 10 wheels

Heavy trucks are assembled from parts.Each truck manufacturer usually makes its own cab, and some also make its own engines, transmissions, axles, and other major components.In most cases, however, the main components (and many others) are made by other companies and shipped to truck assembly plants.

In most factories, trucks move along the assembly line, with different groups of workers adding components at successive workstations.The truck starts with a frame assembly that acts as the truck “prop” and eventually drives the complete, fully operational vehicle under its own power from the end of the assembly line.

The wheels of China Truck Unit 10 are made of strong and durable steel, lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum, polished stainless steel, and molded plastic with complex shapes.

Frame rails and intersecting members are usually made of high-strength steel.Suspension parts, axles and engine mounts are also made of steel.Some are cast, some are assembled and welded.

Cab construction and skin can be made of steel or aluminum.If steel is used, coat the metal with one or more anticorrosive layers, such as zinc.The roofs of some taxis may be made of fiberglass to create the intricate curves needed for corners.

The hood and front fender are usually plastic or fiberglass shaped because of the complex aerodynamic shape.The front bumper may be stamped and made from steel or aluminum, or it may be moulded in plastic and backed with a steel base structure.

Bright ornaments-such as exterior mirrors, sunshades, radiator grilles and handled-are often made of polished stainless steel to provide lasting shine without cracking or corrosion.

Cab interior is vinyl or cloth interior.The floor is covered with a synthetic carpet or rubber mat.

The instrument panel and interior trim are molded from plastic.The Windows are made of laminated safety glass.

Liquids used in heavy-duty trucks include diesel, petroleum or synthetic lubricants, antifreeze, power steering fluids, and R134A, an environmentally friendly, non-fluorocarbon gas that replaces freon in air-conditioning systems.

6.Customer Visiting of Sinotruk Howo Trucks

Sinotruk Haowo is a very famous truck brand in Africa. Its low price and good quality are the reasons why most shippers choose sinotruk Haowo.The Howard team has been researching trucks for severe road conditions for more than 50 years, and we have an experienced team to provide the best solution for every customer.We also have many spare parts stores in Africa, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia, Liberia, DEMOCRATIC Republic of Congo, etc. When you need to repair your truck, you can easily get spare parts in your local area.

sinotruk visiting

7.How To Deliver 336hp 371hp 420hp Tractor Trucks ?

We can help customers deliver tractor trucks to their near port, it will take 10-50 days depend on different ports, shipping by Bulk Cargo ship, Ro-Ro ship and Flat Rack ship. The bulk cargo ship cost is lowest, put truck on deck of ship. The roro ship cost is expensive, but truck can put in cabin of ship, it’s very good for trucks. The flat rack ship can load two tractor trucks together, save shipping cost.

tractor truck shipping
truck head shipping
sinotruk tractor
sinotruk tractors

8.Customer Feedback of China Trucks in Africa

We appreciate every customer’s support, so our China trucks can be sold all over the world. There are the feedback pictures sent by our valued customers, they like Sinotruk Howo trucks very much and they say that these trucks have good driving performance, save fuel consumption, are economical and durable, which especially meet their transportation needs. Of course, this is the advantage of our company, combined with the customer’s national road policy, and customized trucks according to the customer’s transportation requirements. If you are interested in trucks, welcome to contact us!

Sinotruk howo in Africa

9.Is The Sinotruk Howo Horse Truck Worth Buying?

Technical adequacy for our environment:

Sinotruck Howo’s heavy-duty vehicle products for the African environment use A European II engine and gearbox with minimal electronic input.In addition, the truck is built on a new truck standard designed to world-advanced heavy-duty design and manufacturing technology.It takes the lead in appearance, safety, comfort and ergonomics, creating a whole new driving experience for heavy trucks.

High safety design:

Sinotruk Haowo heavy duty trucks provide comprehensive protection for drivers and passengers with limited self-safety requirements.The fuselage adopts the whole steel frame structure welded by automatic robot.Equipped with the first domestic under-protection device (FUPD and transverse cab stability device), the widest front windshield curved surface in China, reflects the design concept of safety first.

High efficient and comfortable ergonomic space:

The interior trimmings and configurations of Sinotruk howo heavy duty trucks are arranged perfectly with good consideration. Sinotruk Howo builds a pleasurable driving environment by adopting comfort and ergonomic design in conformity with international design. This makes the truck a true movable “home” and a decent “office”.

High return on investment:

Sinotruk Howo heavy truck in terms of money analysis, compared with other trucks in the same category has a premium.Sinotruk’s products have the lowest cost of life, from procurement to maintenance, compared with any European or American truck.


Sinotruk Haowo products have manufacturer’s warranty.The tractor warranty period is 12 calendar months or 100,000 km, whichever is the first from the date of shipment.Semi trailers, dump trucks and other special purpose vehicles are guaranteed for 6 calendar months or 60,000 km, whichever is the first from the date of shipment.

10.How to Maintain Sinotruk Howo Trucks Drive Axle?

The following points should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of cnTRUK Haowo truck drive axle:

1.Keep the amount of oil in the lubricating oil and check it frequently during use.Oil quantity of wheel side reducer and shaft main reducer.Lack of oil can cause early wear of moving parts and, in severe cases, ablation.However, lubricating oil is not easy to good, because too much lubricating oil will cause high temperature, and even lead to oil leakage.

2.Proper use of differential lockThe wheel differential lock on the rear drive axle allows the left and right wheels to automatically differential when the truck turns, thus avoiding tire wear and mechanical damage.A differential lock is attached when a dump truck skids on a smooth or muddy road with a single wheel, making the truck impossible to drive.At this point, the left and right axis will become a rigid connection shaft, and the car will naturally drive out of the faulty road surface.

3.Overloads should be seriously avoidedSevere overloading and concentrated loads can lead to deformation and tearing of the axle housing.In use, loads must be loaded according to driving conditions.

4.In the repair process, such as reassembling the differential, passive gear and other connecting parts, it is necessary to apply letta thread locking glue on the connecting thread and tighten it according to the specified torque to ensure the locking of the connecting bolt.Please do not drive when abnormal sound is found.Overhaul should be carried out immediately.