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80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailer

1.Advantage of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers?

1). Connect side beams and weld king pins

At this time, the main beam is basically formed, and only the side beam is welded to form a frame structure.And the traction pin traction plate is welded to the position required in the contract, the welding process requirements are high, otherwise the low bed trailer will skew.

2) submerged arc welding beam, fixed beam

The second step is to fix the cutting web and upper and lower fins to the solder joints and then weld the beam with submerged arc welding.

3). Hole opening, calibration beam and pass beam

First cut the web of the beam, cut out the U-shaped hole through which the beam can pass, and then hold the welded I-beam in parallel.The results of beam comparison are very important.If there is a large parallel error between the two I-beams, the tire will suffer very serious wear.

4). Sheet cutting stage

According to the drawings of each part made by the design department, cut each part with CNC cutting machine, such as beam web, reinforcement plate, standard small accessories, etc.

5). Welding frame and welding suspension

At this time, the welding suspension must be strictly controlled size and maintain perpendicularity, otherwise it will cause the wear of the low pin tire of the loader.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer7

2.Description of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers

Our country low bed trailer has 40 tons, 50 tons, 70 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons and other different capacities.Each type uses a different number of axes, from 2,3,4 to 7,8.

Low bed semi trailer can have a variety of models, such as trailer, two axis, three axis, four axis low bed semi trailer, hydraulic ladder low bed semi trailer, mechanical ladder and so on.Such semi-trailers are usually used to transport large construction machinery such as excavators, rollers and cranes.

Heavy loader trailers are also used to transport heavy cargo.Due to its low center of gravity, the trailer can transport large cargo and avoid damage to the cargo.This trailer is designed to solve the problem of overload in large tonnage.Normal semi-trailers are usually constructed with two axles and one line, but dolly trailers can have multiple axles, such as 4 axles and 16 tires, and are usually used to transport heavy cargo.Each axle of the trailer carries 50% of the weight.Many countries allow vehicles to carry only 10 tons per axle.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer2

3.Details/Main Parts of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers

In general, low-bed semitrailers use a concave beam frame.That is, the front part of the frame is gooseneck (note: the front end of the gooseneck is connected with the traction saddle on thetraction, and the rear end of the gooseneck is connected with the semi-trailer).Generally, the middle is the cargo platform (the lowest part of the frame as we know it), and the rear part is the wheel frame (including the wheels) and ladder.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer11
china 80-100 tons low bed trailer14

Mechanical ladder

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer12
china 80-100 tons low bed trailer13

4.Specification of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers

Capcaity: 80tons or customized

Axle: 4 axles BPW and FUWA

Suspension: Thicken leaf spring

Landing Gear: JOST Brand with two speed

King pin: 2.0 or 3.5inch optional

Tire: 12R22.5; 315/80R22.5 or others

Color: Optional

5.Drawing of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer10

6.Production of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers

Low Bed Semi Trailer is made of high-quality high-strength steel, advanced technology and strict production process. Heavy Loading Semi Trailer has reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation and beautiful appearance.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer9

7.Customer Visiting of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers

Our customers appreciate our low-beds for their high reliability and stability. Opt for an absolutely reliable partner at your side!

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer4
china 80-100 tons low bed trailer5

8.Shipping and packing of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers

We choose the most suitable shipping way for different clients amongcontainers, Roro and bulk shipment, balancing safety andthe economic cost.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer8
china 80-100 tons low bed trailer16

9.Is The China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers Worth Buying?

1).Series low bed semi trailer has flat plate type, concave beam type and tire exposed type structure, longitudinal beam adopts straight type or gooseneck type. Its frame is ladder type, longitudinal beam section for I-shaped, with high stiffness, high strength characteristics.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer1

2).The main plane of the frame cargo platform is low, to ensure the stability of transportation, suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment and steel, etc.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer

10.Is The China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers Worth Buying ?

Accessories are produced by well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, procurement, inspection and use in strict accordance with the requirements of quality system documents.The suspension adopts non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension (air suspension can be selected), composed of a series of leaf springs and suspension bracket, reasonable structure, stiffness and strength,Used to support loads and reduce impact.The low main plane of the trailer platform ensures the stability of transportation.Suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment and steel, etc.Three axis balance, double balance shaft or rigid suspension, and the mass balance block is installed between the front and rear leaf spring, so that the deflection of the front and rear plate spring changes the same,And make the front and rear axle stress balance;CO2 gas shielded welding, shot peening throughout the frame, makes the vehicle beautiful.

china 80-100 tons low bed trailer3

11.Attention of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers.

(1) Visual inspection there is no air and foreign matter attached, and then check whether the steel ring is deformed or cracked.

(2) Pay attention to the suspension system of the semi-trailer of the low loader and check the tightness of all the nuts and bolts and U-bolts.It’s all about tires being eaten.Otherwise, if something goes wrong, it can be very troublesome.

(3) Shake the leg to make sure it is normal.Check the bracket and shake it a few times to see if there are cracks in the welds.Riders who are running and hanging in particular must be aware of this problem.

(4) Feel the wear of the moving parts and reach out to touch the box hinges, box hooks, cuttings, container locks and other small parts to see whether there are cracks or fractures.Just look at the touch, don’t be abnormal, just turn on the car and see if there are any broken lights.There is no shortage of reflective signs.I think the road must have been penalized for defective reflective signs.

(5) Regular maintenance of the engine is very important.Many professional maintenance masters said that in the low-loader semi-trailer they repaired, the failure caused by poor engine maintenance accounted for 50% of the total failure.

(6) Brake hoses and hydraulic hoses must be regularly checked for rubber aging, and should be replaced as soon as possible after discovery.

12.How To Purchase / What Is Buying Guide Of China 80-120 Ton Low Bed Trailers?

It is important to choose a low bed trailer based on your cargo equipment. The choice must be the right type for your business. After knowing the weight of your cargo, you can now choose between the Axle-lines model and the common axle model.

Different axle configurations carry different cargo equipment. For your trailer to be more efficient, the weight should be evenly supported and distributed over the trailer.

Therefore, you should know how your cargo equipment will be loaded on your trailer and then choose the design that matches it.