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Fuel Oil Tanker Trailers

1.What is A Fuel Oil Tanker Trailer

The fuel oil tanker trailer is to work with the tractor truck to load and transport the fuel, diesel, petrol, JET A1 oil etc. Fuel tanker is mainly used to transport diesel, petroleum, oil, petrol, etc. It is generally used for long-distance transportation, mainly used in gas stations, factories and other places.It plays an important role in daily logistic system. The 40000 litre, 42000 litre, 50k litres fuel tank trailer is the most popular size for fuel transporters. The 3 axle running gear with the perfect design of 45000L carbon steel tank matches each other well.

2.Description of the China Fuel Tanker Trailer

The fuel oil tanker trailer with 1-10 compartments, each compartment can be divided into different liquid oil. Each compartment has it’s loading system and discharge system. For this trailer, you could load the oil from the manhole cover. It also has the bottom loading system, that you could load the fuel from the discharge valve. The optical sensor on the manhole cover will detect the fuel level and cut the loading.

Tri Axles 42000 liters Fuel Oil Tanker Trailer

China Fuel Tanker Trailer

4 Axles 54000 Litre Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

4 Axles Fuel Oil Tanker Trailer

3.Specification of 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer

Overall dimension:12500mm * 2500mm *3550mm

Transport: Fuel, Petrol, Diesel

Tank body material: Carbon steel

Axles:3 axles, BPW / FUWA / L1 brand

Suspension:Mechanical / Air bag suspension

Tire:385/65R22.5; 12R22.5

Discharging Pipe : 2 pcs, 6m/each

King pin:2.0 inch

Landing gear: JOST 28ton

Brake system: WABCO brand

ABS: With

Electrical system: 24V, LED lights

4.Drawing of China Oil Tanker Trailer

Our engineer will design special drawing for your fuel oil tanker trailer orders. If there have any problems we can modify drawing until you satisfy with it.Then we will start production for you.

Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale
Fuel Oil Tanker Trailers

5.Shipping of Diesel / Petrol Tanker Trailers

It’s normally using RO-RO /Bulk cargo shipping, because of the size of the trailer is bigger than container.

However, if your order is for diesel fuel oil tanker trailers under 38,000 litres, then we can design them for containerization, which can save you transportation costs.

Tanker Trailer Shipment

6.Africa Customer Feedback of Fuel Oil Tanker Trailers

T********l from Malawi

As for the Chinese fuel oil tanker trailer, I choose Forden, I trust Forden, the quality of the tanker trailer is perfect, I have not encountered any problems.If you have any questions, you can contact them directly and they will answer immediately.

Fuel Tanker Trailer Factory

G********N from Rwanda

I like FUDENG Fuel Oil Tanker Trailer very much. All of their fuel tanker semi-trailers are  good painting, also with fast discharge speed. When I received the petrol tanker trailer, it was intact.

45000 Liter Fuel Tank Truck Trailer

7.How to Choose The Fuel Tanker Trailer?

Fuel Tank Trailer capacity – You can choose proper fuel oil tanker trailer capacity according to the your transport contract. This will depend on the amount of fuel you want to transport to meet your needs. Our fuel tank trailers have different capacities, axles, such as 2 / 3 / 4 axles 30000 liters, 40000 liters, 45000 liters, 50000 liters, 54000 liters, 60000 litres and so on.

If your needs are too high, choose a trailer that can help you reduce the number of trips and reach the required number.

Oil Tank Trailer Material – Different liquids have different requirements hence the material used for building petrol, diesel and edible fuel oil tank trailer will be different. Different liquids have different chemical and physical characteristics that go a long way into determining the choice of petrol tank trailer to make.

Our fuel oil tanker trailer material can be carbon steel / aluminium / stainless steel. You can choose right one according to which kinds liquid will you transport, such as diesel, petrol, milk, JET A1 ……More than that, it is a lightweight construction offering effective volume capabilities unlike steel trailer constructions that tend to be somehow heavy.

Petrol / Diesel Oil Tanker trailer thickness – The thickness of the tank is very important. It is always recommended to use a thicker fuel oil tanker trailer, especially when transporting large amounts of fuel. The thickness of materials used in construction is an important factor in determining the service life of your fuel tanker trailer.

Steel Tanker Trailer Price

8. Daily Maintenance When The Fuel Tank Truck Trailer Is Driving

(1) Learn the main structure, performance and functions of the petrol trailer, and the special vehicle chassis must be repaired at the special vehicle service station as required.

(2) Routine maintenance of the tank truck should be done well, and the inspection, cleaning, tightening and adding functions before, during and after the sulphuric acid tanker should be done well, and the remaining problems or hidden safety hazards of the tank truck should be discovered in time;

(3) Check the oil tank body, pipe network, valves, etc. for oil leakage or oil leakage before leaving the fuel tanker, whether the upper cover is closed as required, the amount of lubricating oil, fuel oil, cooling water, hand and foot brakes, steering device , Instruments, lights, tire pressure, tire nuts, etc.

9.FAQ of China Oil Tanker Semi Trailer

Q: If I am new in logistic business do not know more details of fuel oil tanker trailers, can you give me some suggestions?

A: Sure, we will give suggestions of the most suitable fuel oil tanker trailer, before that we need to know some information such as the scene of use, the goods being transported, etc. to make sure main specification.

Q: What Is the procession of this fuel oil tanker trailer purchase ?

A: When the fuel oil tanker semi trailer completed production , we will take pictures and videos to you, and then you can transfer the balance to our account. After we have got your payment. We will book the ship and shipping trailers to you.

Q: How long is the delivery time ?

A: Depending on the transportation distance, the transportation time is also different, usually 15 – 45 days.

10.Videos of China Oil Tanker Semi Trailer