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Skeleton Semi Trailer

1.Function of China Skeleton semi trailer

The need for a truck chassis capable of taking high weight containers without loading and unloading problems prompted such a design.If you have the need, this is what you will do.

Again, the container chassis trailer gives you the option to take a high weight container while giving you the option to make the adjustment ideal for maneuverability.

This type of trailer is a simple yet powerful one that is able to serve you even in rugged terrain.

A feature of the chassis trailer is that it can transport containers of different sizes such as 45 ‘, 40 ‘and 20’ long containers.

2.Description of China Skeleton semi trailer

china skeleton semi trailer

This is a fixed structure commonly used in container transportation.It is mainly of steel construction and containers are loaded and unloaded by overhead cranes.

It has a landing gear for increased stability in handling operations.

Handling 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers.With a clear location, you can load your container and easily move it to your desired destination.

It’s easy to use and, most importantly, affordable.However, the need for external attachments can delay operations.

3.Specification of China Skeleton semi trailer

Dimension     7m*2.5m*1.55m,12.5m×2.5m×1.55m

Payload       30/40/50/60/70/80 Tons

Twist lock   12 units THT brand

Frame Floor The Thickness is 2/3mm pattern

Edge beam 16# Channel

Through beam 10#Channel

Along beam 6#Channel*6

Axle        3 axle FD/JIII/L1/FUWA/BPW brand

Landing Gear   28Ton JOST/FUWA brand

King Pin    2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin JOST brand

Suspension   L1/FUWA/BPW AIR/Mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring 90mm*16mm*10pcs

Pneumatic Braking System Dual line pneumatic brake system,T30/30+T30 air chamber ,40L air tanks,Emergency relay valve

Tire       12R22.5/315/80R22.5/385/65R22.5

Accessories Two standard tool box

Spare tire rack 2pcs

4.Drawing of China Skeleton semi trailer

Standard 3 axles 40foot China skeleton semi trailer drawing with mechanical suspension.

Get more information or detail configuration please send an inquiry to us.

5.Production of China Skeleton semi trailer

skeleton semi trailer from design to the amount of output sold to consumers is a tedious and lengthy process. In general, the basic processing process of the skeletal trailer is divided into the following main processes, namely stamping, welding, painting, and assembly. These are the four well-known automobile processes, and they are also suitable for skeletal semi-trailers. Next, the production process of the skeletal trailer is introduced in four sections.

china skeleton semi trailer3
Stamping process

The stamping workshop is responsible for the manufacture of various parts of the skeletal trailers, and performs cutting, punching, blanking, bending, stretching, and overturning processes on the main beams, frame and other parts. It is the first step in the production of skeletal semi-trailers , which is to process metal sheets into parts with specific shapes through special molds. The steel coil purchased from the steel mill is cut into a specific material flakes shape after being punched by the blanking pattern die . The size and shape of the material flakes is calculated by the engineer through Auto-Form and other software analysis and calculations, and professional drawings are made according to the shape, which are cut by the plasma flame cutting machine with reference to the drawings. This shape must be economical (saving materials) on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is necessary to ensure the forming of accessory.

Welding process

The welding workshop is responsible for the team welding of the frame and body. The welding of the frame and the body is the most vital process in the production of the skeletal semi-trailer. The type of semi-trailer depends on the type of semi-trailer body. The weight of the semi-trailer and the type of goods to be transported determine the length, width and height of the semi-trailer body and the structural strength that needs to be designed. The length, width, height and structural strength of the body are all determined by the semi-trailer body. The production equipment on site is mainly have   automotive arc-submerge machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, team mould, chain turning machine and other equipment. After each welding is completed, the worker must carefully check the welding condition. After the body welding is completed, the welding condition must be further checked . After confirming that there is no problem with the welding, the next step can be carried out.

Painting process

Object of an aspect of the coating is to prevent corrosion of the body, on the other hand to the vehicle body with a beautiful in appearance . The paint shop is responsible for the coating protection and decoration of the exterior of the car body. The equipment used mainly includes high-purity air purification spray room, automatic lifting platform polishing room, automatic drying room, automatic sanding room and other equipment. Due to the complex structure of the semi-trailer body, manual spraying is used for painting and spraying operations.

Assembly process

The assembly workshop is responsible for the installation of tires and axles, the installation and commissioning of electrical circuits, and accessories for interior and exterior decoration of the body. Assemble the semi-trailer body, tires and interior parts together to form a fully usable car .

6.Customer Visiting of China Skeleton semi trailer

china skeleton semi trailer1


7.Package/Shipping of China Skeleton semi trailer

We can transport it by bulk cargo ship,or 2 units China skeleton semi trailer put into container,2 units or 3 units skeleton semi trailer we will help clients to pile it up,it can save many shipping cost.

china skeleton semi trailer2

8.Customer Feedback of China Skeleton semi trailer

china skeleton semi trailer5
china skeleton semi trailer4

In recent months,there is a customer in Tanzania,want to find Chinese suppliers buy 2 units skeleton trailer,used to transport container,he found several supplier in China,with each salesman compare the prices,talk about the details,and finally find one,pay the deposit,but was cheated,after finished the deposit,he can’t contact the clerk,After trying to reach the salesman for more than a week,he realized that he had been cheated.So he went to our salesman and told him about his experience.The customer also talked well with our salesman.Maybe he didn’t choose us out of trust at the beginning.After receiving the response from our excellent salesman,he still hoped that we could help him contact or find the salesman who cheated him. Our salesman agreed, first get through the salesman’s phone, said two sentences our salesman know the truth,is that the deceitful salesman bluffed and deceived under the banner of that foreign trade company.After our salesman reported the result to the customer, the customer was very grateful to us,but said there was nothing he could do.

But the customer’s business still needs to be done.After learning the experience last time,the customer had a particularly good impression on us and said he had trusted us,because he had compared the price of several skeleton semi trailer suppliers before,and the customer decided to buy from us out of trust.It was a blessing in disguise!

Now the customer skeleton trailer already complete shipping and arranged shipping to his side,he is satisfied with our seketon trailer and said he will place another order soon.

9.Quality Guarantee of China Skeleton semi trailer

Our skeleton semi trailer wear parts guarantee for three month ( except tires), Main beam for 2 years. If you need other spare parts we can supply you at any time.


Q:Are your trucks legal in our country?
A: Yes, they are CCC and ISO certified and have valid identification numbers, so they can be used legally on the road.

Q:How about the quality of your products?
A: The skeleton semi trailer have passed ISO, CCC, SGS, BV, CONTECNA and other certification.All of our spare parts are original factory production, with the original part number and security label, the quality is 100% guaranteed.In the third quarter.

Q:How about your company’s service, especially after sale service?
A: Fuden Skeleton semi trailer has been engaged in this industry for many years, the company in line with the principle of “customer first”, constantly improve the quality of service, to provide customers with quality service.We always try our best to solve all problems and put the interests of our customers first.

Q:Is there any advantage in your price?
A:Fuden Skeleton semi trailer is the most competitive semi-trailer exporter in China,providing a guarantee of reasonable price and good quality.In particular,we offer a new service model – online customization service, designed to produce cars according to customers’ specific requirements.

Q:What are your delivery times and sailing days?
A:Our skeleton semi trailer trailers can usually be completed in 20 working days and sailing days may take 30 days to reach your port, depending on the distance to your country.