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Flatbed Semi Trailer

1.Function of China Flatbed semi trailer

The function of a flatbed trailer is made possible through its structure’s design and manufacture.It is carefully designed to desired heights and weight capacity to safely load and transport cargoes from one location to another.Each flatbed trailer comes with its own load rating, size alongside other systems as would be needed for its use. These specifications are very useful in helping you buy the right trailer for your operations.

2.Description of China Flatbed semi trailer

china flatbed semi trailer

Different types of flatbed trailers are designed for different applications.Therefore, it is important to assess your needs before choosing the type of flatbed trailer you need.Here are the key factors to consider:

Size: Flatbed trailers are designed to carry different cargo and containers: one flatbed 20-foot container and another 40-foot container.If you need a flatbed to carry an oversized load, a retractable flatbed trailer will be the best choice.Size-based selection usually takes these requirements into account.

Loading capacity: The loading capacity can also determine the type of trailer you will choose according to your needs.It ranges from 10 to 80 tons.Again, this should be based on the different requirements of local laws and regulations for such matters.Various flatbed trailers carry loads of considerable size and weight.However, they are not designed to carry the same weight.In applications where weight considerations are made, 2 – or 3-axis container chassis trailers can really help.These rugged chassis made from high quality materials can carry heavy cargo comfortably and safely.

Axle: Axle capacity varies according to transportation needs and requirements.However, each selection based on the axle configuration should also comply with local traffic laws.Depending on the axle configuration, flatbed trailers are available in 12.5 t/axle, 13 t/axle and 9 t/axle.Make sure you choose the type allowed in your country according to the prescribed laws and regulations.Depending on the weight of the cargo, the number of shafts per trailer is also an important consideration.The trailer structure is designed to support various wheel and axle assemblies at different positions of its length.Your selection should be based on your cargo needs and the laws governing the use of flatbed trailers in your jurisdiction.

3.Main parts of China flatbed semi trailer

1. High-strength side beams and main beams:

The biggest feature of high-strength steel is its high strength. The yield strength of high-strength steel is twice that of manganese steel and three times that of ordinary steel.

When the flatbed trailer manufacturer racks, it bears the same strength. Frames made of high-strength steel use less material. The upper wing board, the lower wing board and the vertical board can be made thinner and lighter. On the premise of loading vehicles according to weight and standards, the advantages are even more obvious.

2. China container truck trailer brake system:

The brake chamber is a circular metal container located on each wheel, where compressed air is converted into mechanical force to brake and stop the vehicle.

The brake valve is used to control the braking of a truck or a three-axle flat trailer. It is suitable for flat three-axle trailers with dual-line braking system. Both parking and emergency braking are air braking. It has the function of automatically causing the 20-foot flatbed trailer to brake when the control pipe connection of the trailer brake system is broken or leaked.

3. China container truck trailer suspension:

Steel plate suspension is our commonly used leaf spring, its full name is tandem leaf spring balance suspension. It is mainly composed of leaf springs, suspension bearings (commonly known as lifting lugs), connecting rods, U-bolts and other components. The longitudinal force of the car body directly falls on the axle. The biggest advantage of this kind of suspension is low price, good reliability and easy maintenance. At present, more than 80% of ordinary flat deck trailers in my country use leaf springs for balanced suspension.

The most obvious feature of the 40-foot trailer air suspension sold is its airbag-type air spring. The 40-foot trailer air springs sold are relatively light in weight, the friction of the air medium in the airbag is small, there is almost no noise during operation, and the service life is 2-3 times that of the leaf spring. However, when an air spring is used, a rod system that can transmit various forces and moments other than the vertical force must be provided, so the suspension structure is complicated; in addition, the air spring has strict requirements for sealing and its cost is relatively high.

4. China container truck trailer loading device:

Usually called an outrigger. Adopting the principle of “standing timber jacking”, it is located at the front end of the 53-foot flatbed trailer sales frame for use after the container semi-trailer is separated from the tractor. Classification of outriggers: Single-acting outriggers operate separately on both sides, there are two cranks, and each gear has an automobile gearbox.

The connected outriggers are made from both sides during operation. There is only one crank, consisting of a gear box and a gear box that does not exist.

The main components of the outrigger are two-speed gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, drive screw and support plate. The structure is very simple and the function is very important.

4.Specification of China flatbed trailer

Dimension     7m*2.5m*1.55m,12.5m×2.5m×1.55m

Payload       30/40/50/60/70/80 Tons

Twist lock   12 units THT brand

Frame Floor The Thickness is 2/3mm pattern

Edge beam 16# Channel

Through beam 10#Channel

Along beam 6#Channel*6

Axle        3 axle FD/JIII/L1/FUWA/BPW brand

Landing Gear   28Ton JOST/FUWA brand

King Pin    2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin JOST brand

Suspension   L1/FUWA/BPW AIR/Mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring  90mm*16mm*10pcs

Pneumatic Braking System Dual line pneumatic brake system,T30/30+T30 air chamber ,40L air tanks,Emergency relay valve

Tire       12R22.5/315/80R22.5/385/65R22.5

Accessories Two standard tool box

Spare tire rack  2pcs

5.Drawing of China Flatbed semi trailer

Standard 3 axles 40foot China flatbed trailer drawing with mechanical suspension.

Get more information or detail configuration please send an inquiry to us.

china flatbed semi trailer1

6.Production of China Flatbed semi trailer

The main production of flatbed trailer

Before the production of flatbed trailers, the technical department should design and make drawings according to the requirements of users and the market, so that the technical parameters of the main trailers are matched with each other, and then transferred to the manufacturing department.

Production 1

1.In the blanking and cutting stage, according to all the parts drawings made by the design department, use the CNC cutting machine to cut all parts, such as beam webs, reinforcing plates, standard small parts, etc.

2.For girder, submerged arc welded girder, and repair girder, the second step is to fix the welding spot between the cutting web and the upper and lower limbs, and then weld the girder by submerged arc welding.
This step is very important. It has high requirements for fixed beams and submerged arc welding. If the process is not good, the beams will have problems.If there is a problem with the girders, can the flatbed trailer be used?

3.Open the perforated beam through the main beam, first cut the main beam web through the U-shaped hole, and then fix the welded I-beam through the main beam parallel to the main beam.
The comparison result with the steel beam is very important. If the parallel error of the two steel beams is in error, a very serious feeding support phenomenon will occur.

4.Side beams, frames and welding pins. At this time, the beams are basically formed, and only the frame structure is formed by welding the side beams. And the traction pin traction plate is welded to the position required in the contract, which requires a high welding process, otherwise the car will sag.

Production 2

1.Welding frame, welding suspension. At this time, the welded suspension should strictly control the size and keep it upright, otherwise it will eat the tires.

2.Connect the front neck, high and low boards with the front neck. The front neck of the low flat plate is welded on, and the floor is reinforced after welding. There is no problem with the strength, and the manufacturer has also considered it in advance.

3.Laying the bottom plate is to weld or break the bottom plate on the frame. There is nothing to say about this step.

4.The vertical box panel and door leaf should be welded and fixed in advance, and then welded with the upright hinges to keep the box panel upright and beautiful.

5.Sandblasting and painting. Sanding is the first step in painting. Some manufacturers who do not have a shot blasting workshop use high-pressure air to blow away the welding slag at this stage.

6.Install the lower wall, install the lower wall running system after the painting is completed, simply install the assembled lower wall, and then perform accurate debugging.

7.Install tires.

8.Transfer to the library for storage.

9.Code printing and factory inspection.

7.Customer Visiting of China Flatbed semi trailer

china flatbed semi trailer2


8.Shipping of China Flatbed semi trailer

We can transport it by bulk cargo ship,or 2 units China flatbed trailer put into container,2 units or 3 units flatbed trailer we will help clients to pile it up,it can save many shipping cost.

china flatbed semi trailer3

9.Customer Feedback of China Flatbed semi trailer

china flatbed semi trailer4

Mozambique client ordered a China flatbed semi trailer.This client is one of our old customer of Fudeng to introduce.This customer is the owner of a transportation company.He bought flatbed semi trailers from other country before.In the past few months,his transportation company has expanded.Therefore,the customer plans to order several China flatbed semi trailer from China.

There have been business dealings in sales,and the sales have sent drawings and pictures of different types of China flatbed semi trailer to customer. After confirming the size,configuration and color of the trailer,the customer paid the deposit and took the final payment at the agreed time.Now he has already received our China flatbed semi trailer and very pleased with our flatbed semi trailer,he promised that will order more China flatbed semi trailer in future.

10.Quality Guarantee of China Flatbed semi Trailers

China flatbed semi trailer wear parts guarantee for three month ( except tires),China flatbed semi trailer main beam for 2 years.If you need other China flatbed semi trailer spare parts we can supply you at any time.


Q: What is your terms of packing?

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Q: What is your terms of payment?

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Q: What is your terms of delivery?


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A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q: What is your sample policy?

A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.

Q:.Do you test all your goods before delivery?

A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

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