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Cement Bulker Trailer

1.What is the Cement Bulker Trailer?

Bulk cement trailer is a v-type semi-trailer used for bulk cement and other cement products transportation.V(banana) type cement trailer is also suitable for flour, starch and other powdery products transport.Trailer capacity from 20 to 60 cubic meters.Available from 2 to 4 axes.Exhaust with the help of a compressor.Compressors work with the help of diesel or electric motors.Diesel compressors are recommended.

2.Display of Bulk Cement Trailer

bulk cement tanker trailer
2 Axles 25CBM Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer
Cement bulker tanker trailer
3 Axles 50Ton Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer
Dry powder silo trailer
4 Axles 45CBM Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer
Bulk cement trailer
W Shape 80Ton Cement Bulker Truck Trailer

3.General Features of China Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer

Unloading Air Compressors: Bohai / Fuda brand

Diesel Engine: Weichai brand 4102 / 4104 model

Axles: BPW, FUWA or FD brand axles with 14-16-18-20 tons capacity, drum or disc option

Brakes: Wabco, Dual air brake system

Suspension: Air suspension, Mechanical leaf spring suspension or bogie type suspension

Tires and Rims: Single or Double Tire, 385/65 R22.5; 315/80 R22.5; 12 R22.5 ; 12.00 R24

Electrical System: 24V / 12V ectrical system with 7 or 15 pin option

King Pin: 2” or 3,5” king pin JOST or equivalent Turkish made

Landing Gear: 25-35 Tons JOST or equivalent Turkish made

Painting:  Before sandblasting, famous brand with primer coating is used. The most smooth and error-free process is done in painting.

Accessories: Tool box, fire box, spare tire carrier, water tank

4.Drawing of Dry Powder Tanker Trailer

Fudeng had professional engineering team will be ready to provide you with a set of well-integrated solutions that meets your transportation needs and your local regulations. Our engineering team can communicate with you online to fully understand your needs, the solutions include the product design, product material, product drawings, product videos.

5.Advantages of Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

Bulk cement tanker is designed to meet the transportation requirements of bulk cement, powder, ash and other materials.This type of bulk cement tanker trailer provided by Forden cement bulk trailer draws lessons from the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, using advanced technology and strict production process.

Bulk cement tanker trailer reasonable structure, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, easy to operate.Suitable for conveying and pneumatic discharging granular powdery dry materials with diameter less than 0.1mm, such as fly ash, cement, lime powder and mineral powder.The discharging height can reach 15m, and the horizontal distance is 5m.Tank body adopts single cone and double cone inclined horizontal structure, double pipe air intake, discharge speed and allowance in line with industry standard requirements.

6.How Does Dry Powder Silo Trailer Unload Powder Materials?

1).Before unloading, check whether the unloading disc valve, external air source interface, exhaust valve and two feed ports are closed and tightened.If not, tighten it first to prevent air leakage.

2).Start the engine, set the transmission to neutral, and press the clutch pedal to separate the transmission from the engine completely.

3).Open the electric suction solenoid valve switch, slowly release the clutch pedal, so that the air compressor rotation.

4).Adjust the control handle of the control mechanism, adjust the speed of the air compressor to about 900r/min, and make it stable.

7.Attention of Cement Silo Trailers

1). Pay attention to the gauge pressure during unloading.If the gauge pressure exceeds 0.2mpa, check whether the relief valve exhausts.

2) When discharging, the discharge hose vibrates greatly. Please close half of the secondary water blowing valve.

3) When the storage tower in the discharge part is full, close the discharge valve first, then quickly close the power device, and finally close the secondary air blowing valve to avoid the blockage of the discharge pipe and the storage tower pipe.

4). Pipe blockage in unloading process can be eliminated without stopping.

  1. If the butterfly valves except the exhaust valve are blocked, immediately close the exhaust valve and the butterfly valve of the intake valve at the front and rear of the water tank, and use the secondary vent valve to remove foreign matter in the pipeline.
  2. If the discharge valve is blocked in the butterfly valve, open the secondary air valve fully and open and close the discharge valve butterfly valve repeatedly to eliminate the blockage.
Cement bulker trailer


A: as little as possible "disintegration" maintenance 

Now powder car manufacturers are paying more and more attention to after-sales service, which is the benefit that owners often enjoy free testing activities.Many of these free testing activities seem simple and seem to have no substance to the owner, but are actually great.Owners can take advantage of these free testing activities to carry out a comprehensive physical examination of the car, timely find some potential faults, and eliminate these hidden dangers, and avoid high maintenance costs in the future.

B: make full use of free testing

Maintenance cycle of granular material transport vehicle refers to the interval or time of maintenance.High maintenance frequency is not a bad thing, it can more effectively protect the performance of the vehicle, so the scientific determination of various types of maintenance interval mileage, not only can make the powder transport vehicle often maintain a good technical state,Can also enable you to save maintenance costs and repair costs.When determining the maintenance cycle of powder carrier, the maintenance cycle should be adjusted according to the maintenance cycle recommended by the powder carrier manufacturer.The maintenance period should be adjusted according to the technical conditions and actual use of the powder material carrier.General powder transport vehicles in good condition of the new car, in good use condition, can be appropriately extended maintenance cycle;When the technical conditions of bulk cement tank trailer are poor, or the use conditions are poor, the maintenance cycle should be appropriately shortened.

C: appropriate oil

The right oil consists of two aspects: one is fuel oil, the other is oil.Improper use of fuel, easy to cause fuel filter blockage and other faults, so that the engine idle instability, acceleration and fuel consumption rise phenomenon, but also accelerate the wear of the cylinder, affecting the engine life.Therefore, improper use of fuel can increase the maintenance costs and repair costs of bulk cement tanker trailers.Different brands and levels of lubricating oil, quality difference is very big, the price is poor.How to use lubricating oil to meet lubrication requirements and spend less money?The basic principle is: just buy a car that meets your requirements and don’t buy expensive ones.For example, engine oil, for domestic cars, some domestic SJ class oil completely meet the requirements, there is no need to buy imported.

9.FAQ of FUDENG Brand Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

Q: Is your trailer suitable for this kind of road ?

A: Fudeng is a professional semi trailer manufacturer of China, which delivers a large number of trailers every day. The semi trailer we export is made of Q345B / T700 steel, which has good toughness and strength. Most importantly, the weight of the same type of semi trailer exported to Africa is 2 tons heavier than the trailer used in China. Thicker steel is used for bearing steel structure, suspension, leaf spring and axle with larger tonnage. We will test the loading capacity of 150% before delivery. The semi-trailer can be used in Africa for more than 15 years.

Q: Can I see your semi trailer in our country ?

A: FUDENG has exported many kinds of semi trailers to more than 60 countries. If you want to see our trailers in your country, we can contact our customers to arrange you to have a visit if available. But the trailers usually travel on highways. Sometimes you need to wait for the right time.

Q: Do you have any stock in your country ? 

A: Our products are customized models. Each tractor has a different fifth wheel height, and the turning radius caused by 6×2, 4×2, and 6×4.

If there is stock, it is just an order which has not been picked up by other customers.

The fastest production time only takes one week, and it only takes about 20 workdays for ro-ro ships or container ships to reach your country.

Q: Do you also sell spare parts ?

A: Yes, we provide customers with semi-trailer spare parts, or you can just buy it, we also provide. Semi trailer accessories are international standard parts, such as tires, bearings, rear lights, etc. You can also buy directly from the local accessory market. Special accessories, we provide airplane delivery service.