How To Connect A Trailer To A truck

How To Connect A Trailer To A Truck

Everyone knows that the trailer and the truck can be connected and disconnected, the reason is that they are connected together by the traction pin and the saddle, so how to connect a trailer to a truck? Please keep reading this article.

how to connect a trailer to a truck

Precautions when connecting

In the process of connecting the semi-trailer, the tractor should pay attention to all aspects of the connection between the tractor and the semi-trailer. For the main connecting piece towing seat, attention should be paid to the standard operation of hooking and disengaging, and only on a solid and flat ground. On the hang, hang off operation.

how to connect a trailer to a truck

How to connect a trailer to a truck

  1. When connecting, the trailer skateboard must be at the same level as the towing seat panel, or slightly lower (up to 50mm) than the towing seat panel. Note that the pressure loss of using the air suspension may alter the height change of the semi-trailer.
  2. The traction seat is in the pre-hanging state (that is, the handle is pulled out), slowly drive the truck under the semi-trailer, the locking mechanism will be automatically closed, the handle of the traction seat is returned, and the dial is in the returning state. After the connection is completed, slightly move the tractor forward to check whether the connection is good.
  3. After the link is completed, check and confirm that the locking mechanism of the towing seat is locked before driving the truck.
how to connect a trailer to a truck

How to get a trailer out of a truck

When disengaging, the skid plate of the semi-trailer should be 5mm higher than the towing seat panel

  1. Lift the handle of the traction seat, pull the handle to the right and then outwards completely at one time, and then fix the handle to the edge of the traction seat.
  2. The traction seat is in the pre-hung state. After removing the oil and gas pipeline of the semi-trailer, slowly drive the truck out.
how to connect a trailer to a truck

Maintenance of the traction seat

  1. When the traction seat is used for the first time, it must be painted/filled with lubricating oil as required.
  2. The traction seat should pay attention to regular maintenance and lubrication, regularly check the wear status of the parts and adjust the gap between the traction seat and the semi-trailer, which can greatly reduce the wear speed of the traction seat and prolong its service life. Therefore, it is recommended to brush/fill with lubricating grease every 2 weeks or every 5000km to ensure that the traction seat is fully lubricated when it is in contact with the truck and trailer to avoid wear of parts and damage to the saddle.