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How To Connect A Trailer To A truck?

How To Connect A Trailer To A Truck Everyone knows that the trailer and the truck can be connected and disconnected, the reason is that they are connected together by the traction pin and the saddle, so how to connect a trailer to a truck? Please keep reading this article. Precautions when connecting In the process of connecting the semi-trailer, the tractor should pay attention to all aspects of the connection between the tractor and the semi-trailer. For the main connecting piece towing seat, attention should be paid to the standard operation of hooking and disengaging, and only on a solid and flat ground. On the hang, hang off operation. How to connect a trailer to a truck When connecting, the trailer skateboard must be at the same level as the towing seat panel, or slightly lower (up to 50mm) than the towing seat panel. Note that the pressure loss of using the air suspension may alter the height change of the semi-trailer. The traction seat is in the pre-hanging state (that is, the handle is pulled out), slowly drive the truck under the semi-trailer, the locking mechanism will be automatically closed, the handle of the traction seat is returned, […]

Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences

Skeletal Container Trailer and Box Trailer : 5 Differences Application of skeletal container trailer In various ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels and other logistics systems, there is a commonly used semi-trailer – skeletal container trailer, which has a large volume, large transport capacity and high transport efficiency. It is usually semi-trailer, full-trailer or double-trailer, with semi-trailer being the most common. Semi-trailer can also be divided into flatbed trailer and skeletal trailer, which belongs to a special kind of semi-trailer. Advantages of skeletal container trailer Unlike other semi-trailers, skeletal semi trailer is mainly used for transporting containers. The loaded container is loaded onto the trailer directly from the warehouse where the goods are shipped and transported to the warehouse where the harvest is unloaded.  In the middle, if you need to change the vehicle and vessel, you only need to move the container, you do not need to unload or load the goods piecemeal, so you can achieve rapid loading and unloading, from one means of transport directly to another means of transport, can greatly improve the efficiency, but also facilitate the loading and unloading of goods empty. And can meet the individual needs of customers, stable quality and […]

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer ?

Why Do More And More People Choose Curtain Trailer? Just last week, a customer from Niger bought a curtain trailer from our company and received it. He told us that he was very satisfied with this side curtain Trailer. I hope I can make money with it. The customer’s name is Alex. He bought a 13 m aluminum curtain semi trailer, whose length, width and height are the maximum values specified by local laws and regulations. Since aluminum alloy is used as the main material of the vehicle and the design of side curtain is adopted, the curb weight of the trailer is 6.6 tons. In terms of tires, double tire design is adopted. What are the characteristics of curtain trailer? The side of the curtain semi trailer adopts a skeleton structure, the column and curtain can be moved, and the horizontal bar can be disassembled. From a distance, the soft side trailer are very similar to the general fence cargo trailers. The main difference is that the carriages on both sides are fixed by detachable guide rail frames, and the outer side is covered by soft tarpaulins. During loading and unloading, both sides of the carriages can be fully opened. […]

4 Advantages Of 40ft Low Bed Trailer

4 Advantages Of 40ft Low Bed Trailer The 40ft low bed trailer is mainly used to transport large equipment such as excavators and loaders. To evaluate the quality of a low bed trailer, the bearing capacity, safety coefficient and manufacturing resistance level of the vehicle are important consideration indicators. Today, I’d like to introduce the four advantages of FUDENG low bed semi trailer. 40ft low bed trailer has low dead weight and strong bearing capacity This 3-axis low bed trailer has a self weight of 5.8 tons, a rated load of 50 tons, a width of 3 meters and a height of 1.05 meters. Compared with similar products, the weight of this car is lighter, because some parts of this car, such as legs, are made of aluminum alloy, which effectively controls the weight of the car. With a length of 40 feet and a rated load capacity of 50 tons, it can fully meet the needs of customers in most scenarios. The height of the bearing surface of the vehicle is 105cm, and the design of the low bearing surface makes the safety factor of the 40ft low bed trailer higher, the loading and unloading of goods more convenient, and […]

Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry

Two Of The Top End Dump Trailers In The Industry With the rapid development of urbanization, there is a growing demand for dump trailers in social production and life. Whether it is subway construction, house repair or the construction of facilities in other fields, it is necessary to transport coal, ore, construction materials and other bulk goods with dump trailers. As more and more countries strengthen the governance of overload transportation, transportation standardization has become an inevitable trend. For trailers, standardization means light weight. Many drivers feel that the weight of the trailer is proportional to the safety. In fact, this is not the case. Light weight trailers are optimized and manufactured after complex road tests. There is no doubt about their safety. Today, FUDENG Trailer brings you two very good lightweight end dump trailers. If you are interested, you can learn about it. U Shaped End Dump Trailers Today we will first introduce the two end dump trailer series products of FUDENG Trailer. The first U shaped end dump trailer is mainly for the transportation market of sand, gravel, slag, clay, clay, mineral materials (powder, small pieces), coal, lime powder and other related goods. The parameters of the end […]

3 Axle Side Wall Trailer – Composed Of These 9 Structures

3 Axle Side Wall Trailer – Composed Of These 9 Structures I introduced all kinds of semi trailers to you earlier, such as lowbed trailer, oil tanker trailer, bulk cement tank trailer, etc. I believe you have a certain understanding. This time, I want to share with you the structure of the 3 axle sidewall trailer. I hope this example can give you a comprehensive understanding of the structure and configuration of various semi trailers, so that you can know well when buying a sidewall trailer and carrying out Trailer maintenance. The above figure is the structural diagram of a 3 axle side wall trailer. We can clearly see the main components and positions of the trailer. Now let’s make a detailed interpretation of each part. 1. FUDENG Side Wall Trailer Frame The frame is the main component used to support the load, install the traction pin, suspension, support and other devices. It is composed of girder, supporting beam, connecting beam, side beam, lock, traction pin connecting device, panel, etc. Edge beams are generally channel steel or bending parts. At present, most 3 axle side wall trailers use channel steel, and there will be more side beams of light body […]

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before

3 Axle 80 Ton Lowbed Trailer Driving 8 Checks Before Safe driving is the top priority of driving a truck. In order to prevent problems before they occur, a routine inspection should be carried out before each transport of the 3 axle 80 ton lowbed trailer. The more complete the inspection items, the better. I will guide you from eight major aspects below. I hope that card friends will have more supplements and understanding of the inspection before driving. Inspection items before driving of 3 axle 80 ton lowbed trailer 1. The first step is to look at the tire: visually check that there is no lack of air or debris attached, and then look at whether the steel rim is deformed or cracked. 2. Then check the tightness of the tire screws: Don’t take this detail too much trouble. You should check whether each screw is tight one by one. It’s a trivial matter to lose a screw on the way. Losing a tire can be solved with money, but if Running out of an accident is beyond regret. To use a sentence is “tire is no small matter”, I hope everyone remembers. 3. Inspection of the suspension system of the […]

What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailers Are Available?

What Types Of 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailers Are Available? In the African road freight, in addition to the gooseneck flatbed trailer suitable for diversified transportation, I think the more practical and stronger 3 axle fence cargo trailer also makes customers praise. Especially the current harsh overload control measures make many drivers engaged in coal, agricultural products and LTL general cargo transportation will turn their attention to this main lightweight design of the model. 13m straight beam fence cargo trailer The biggest difference between the straight beam type fence cargo trailer and the ordinary 60cm fence trailer lies in the addition of lattice guardrail above its fence plate, which has stronger professionalism for transporting bulk cargo such as corn and wheat by adding airtight soft canvas at a later stage, and the weight of the current lightweight model is controlled at about 6.5 tons. 13m gooseneck fence cargo trailer Gooseneck fence cargo trailer as a practical model that is currently very popular among individual transport truckers, its biggest feature is that under the heavy load of the trailer, the three axle tires are still evenly stressed, compared to the flatbed trailer transporting bulk cargo under the volume of 2m³ can be increased. […]

Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size

Price Gap Of Low Loader Trailer In Factory Of Different Size The war of low loader trailer prices has never stopped. Different prices reflect the differences in manufacturer’s production scale, cost, process, equipment and other aspects. Do you take it for granted that low loader trailer in small semi-trailer factories are cheap, while low flatbed trailers in large trailer factories must be expensive? In fact, the opposite is true. Eliminate the situation of shoddy goods. Under the same quality, the price of trailers in small factories is much higher than that in large factories. Why does this phenomenon occur? FUDENG trailer tells you the answer. What is the price gap between low loader trailer? Large gap in raw material cost During the production of a low loader trailer. The cost of raw materials accounts for a large proportion of the total cost, generally more than 60%, and even 80% of the high cost. Raw materials are the main object of cost control. Now high-strength steel is widely used in the market. Although the same steel type of the same brand, the purchase prices of raw materials of enterprises are also different. In terms of procurement before the production of low loader trailer. […]